Getting Ready for the Trial

September 8, 2008

Preston’s first trial is next Sunday so we have spent the week going back to allot of the foundation exercises.  We have been working on our one jump skills most nights and tonight we worked on our circle work.  I probably haven’t done any circle work for a good month with Preston and its amazing how it really shows.  Both Riot and Preston took a long time to get nice circle work without them going into herding mode and trying to cut me off.  Here is a video of our training session tonight.

We also set up a speed circle with the see saw and the dogwalk to work on discriminating between the two and he had no trouble at all.  We are still working on turning off the dogwalk but the trial will be a good test of what we need to work on and then we wont trial again until this winter.


2 Responses to “Getting Ready for the Trial”

  1. Fanny said

    Good luck at the trial!

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