Back Home Again

October 30, 2008

Well I just got home from New Brunswick where I was teaching a bunch of seminars.  I met some nice people and some great dogs.  I am very excited about these teams as I will be working with them over the next six months.  Each group will be doing 5 different seminars plus keeping up with homework and training exercises on line between sessions.  This is a great way to help people progress with their handling as it is hard to maintain consistency when you don’t have regular classes or follow ups.  The dogs had a nice vacation staying at home but next time Riot and Preston will come with and assist me with with my teachings.  It will also give me lots of training time with each dog. 

Here is a video I posted last week of Preston working turns onto and off of his dogwalk.  He is doing really well considering how often he gets to work on it.  If I cue his turn with just body motion he is really good but I am not at the point where I can use verbals. 

We have a trial in a couple weeks then Susan Salo is here then I am back to New Brunswick then home again for another trial so we have lots of training to d from now until then.   We are trying hard to take advantage of the great weather!


What A Blast!

October 2, 2008

This year’s World Championship was a blast, I cannot believe how much course times have been shortened and how the level of competition has grown in just one year.  The Canadian Team had some awesome runs and some amazing feats.  Going into the finals on Sunday we had three possible placements, Susan and Encore were in 5th, Adrian and Fizz were in 16th, and Lucie and Nitro were in 2ndplace.  No podium this year but it was extremely close with Susan and Encore incurring a fault on the up contact on the dogwalk.

The team had a few bobbles that changed the line up, Flip measured over and took Chases spot in team (chase was still iffy as to weather he would be able to run due to injury) and Monroe did not pass the vet check therefore our small team was disqualified. 

Bounder and Chase ran well but we didn’t keep it together enough to get any placements.  Here are the videos of their individual runs:

Bounder’s standard run with .09 time faults

Bounder’s jumpers – 10 faults for 2 refusals

Elimination after weave poles ( didn’t hold the threadle long enough)

Fell apart on the 4th obstacle so we trained our contacts for next year 🙂

This was Bounders last year on the team as she just inst fast enough to make course times.  Chase and Bounder now get the winter off so I have lots of time to train the youngsters!