Confessions of a crappy dog trainer…

November 16, 2008

As I was cleaning out my computer today I came across a whole bunch of old agility videos.  Videos long before I learned about good dog training, and boy were these videos shocking!  After looking at these videos I can understand why my dogs have the training issues they do. 

Most people have heard Riot’s story but I now have video proof of just how badly you can create a terribly trained agility dog!  Riot was my third dog and was always a crazy little dog who was full of spunk.  Not knowing much about dog training when I got her I tried to create a very driven, very fast agility dog.  Long story short…I created a monster!  A monster that I took to Say Yes dog Training to try and resolve allot of her issues.  While there we learned about new age dog training and how developing a relationship and creating a solid foundation is more important than creating a crazy agility dog.  Riot then went into 2 years of remedial training where we attempted to fix the problems we had created.  After seeing these videos it is a real wonder Riot is as amazing as she is, we have both come a long way.  We continue to struggle with our issues with self control and focus, throughout Riot’s journey I have tried very hard not to blame the dog but posting these videos will be a great reminder to feel nothing but pitty for this poor dog who is so naturally talented.


One Response to “Confessions of a crappy dog trainer…”

  1. very cool training! and love the video … thanks for sharing

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