A day at the dog show

December 8, 2008

We had an AAC trial today.  I had all four dogs entered in standard and jumpers.  Riot was once again clean and fast all runs, we had one bobble where she didn’t read a rear cross out of a tunnel but no faults.  She ran 6.2 yds/sec in jumpers but her competition ran 6.4 so I told her she needs to start stepping up 🙂  Her running dogwalk was great, even with a turn off the side.

Preston was again extremely naughty and got carried off the course.  He was good with his running contacts, its just the damn teeter!  The first run he flew off then I put him back on (stupid move) and he was good, next run he didn’t even attempt to stop – two tomes in a row so we had to leave.  His performance is really good in training but he just wants to push the envelope all the time.  This was the first time he seemed to really start to like the game so it was nice to see some more speed.  We also had a huge success because first thing in the morning he saw a cat run across the warm up ring and of course he took off, but when I went to retrieve him and brought him back to the warm up ring he actually went back to tugging and working instead of just obsessing or leaving again.   I really wanted this teeter issue to be done with by the time we go to Florida but its not looking good.

 Bounder was slow and walked through the weaves so I assumed she was sore and pulled her.  She is going to enjoy some well earned time off and we will see how she is closer to regionals.

  Chase had had two months off and this was his first trial back…yikes!  We had two terrible runs…some my fault, some his.   The good news is that we got re-measured and have now moved into the 16 regular class – bye  bye specials (he still thinks he’s special 🙂 )  This will make my life easier at nationals and regionals as they will all be in the same class and ring – 1st, 2nd, 3rd would be pretty cool!  Looks like we will have some good competition at regionals this year so we have to start training harder.

I am now a member of Edmonton’s Agility Club House which means I have an arena to use any time for a monthly fee.  So I have one month to wip everyone back into shape so we are ready for Florida as I really want to qualify for USDAA nationals and we only have a coupe chances.


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