See Saws and Broomsticks

December 10, 2008

So I left the trial on Sunday frustrated with Preston and spending yet another $15 to haul him out of the ring.  I decided to devise a plan to make his teeter performance much harder in training, aka more proofing.  I was working in an environment that was very familiar and ICOULD NOT make him fail.  We tried from a tunnel, to a tunnel, racing past, sending ahead, throwing the ball, throwing the cookies, three other shelties going through the tunnel while he did the see saw…he could not be out smarted.  So I drove home thinking of how I could make it harder. 

When Preston was a baby my mom had a hard time getting him motivated to tug, but with most dogs you can find one or two things that just make them go crazt and for Preston it was a mop and a fly swatter.  Since it is so hard to find fly swatters that don’t have a metal handle and we didn’t have a mop on hand I resorted to the best available option which was a broom, and boy did that get him good !  He really struggled to stay in position and his nose targeting got faster and faster because he really really wanted that broom.  Anyways it made me laugh so hard I thought I would video the session and post it to show the world how strange we agility people really are…

We also started our Excellence in weave poles training tonight.  Our plan is to work through all the challenges provided in Susan Garrett’s exercise book.   Tonight we did ex 1-12 with Chase, Riot and Preston.  I am going to use my blog for record keeping since I always seem to lose my records.  A success is the dog getting it right the very first try, everything else is a failure. 

Chase was successfull on challenges 1-12

Riot failed challenge 1, 3, 4, 5 and 12 (need work with DOL)

Preston failed challenge 2 and 8

I worked each challenge until we had success and plan to re-visit the failures in a couple days.


3 Responses to “See Saws and Broomsticks”

  1. Dulcie said

    Too funny! Looks like you’re curling 🙂

  2. amanda said

    love the frantic nose touches…too funny…

  3. Chantal said

    A friend of mine mentioned that you look like you would make a great curler…. &:>)

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