Florida 2009

January 20, 2009

Our trip to Florida this year was a non-stop action packed agility enthusiast’s dream vacation. 

The trip started with a red eye flight to Orlando after teaching my Thursday night class on the 8th.  I arrived in Orlando the following day at 2:00 pm then took a cab to the PBAC USDAA trial where I arrived 3 minutes before judges briefing.  The trial went well and we came away with a Grand Prix win by Riot and a 2nd Place in the steeplechase finals by Preston.  I had to pull Chase from the trial as he was sick, likely from the stress of travel.

After the three day USDAA trial we had handling camp with Greg, Laura and Susan.  This years camp was the best yet, the combination of the three instructors is just perfect as you get a great mix of handling, dog training and lots of great feedback.  I ended up working Preston for most of the camp but ran Riot in a few sessions to give him a break.  His biggest feat was staying in his crate the entire camp with no barking. 

We worked on rear crosses with Greg wich was great as it is definately my weakness.  Also Greg clarified a lot of questions about threadles that helped make things much clearer.  With Susan we worked a lot on understanding your dogs lines and how to change their lines with the use of motion, bcbl and position.  We also had lots of sequences with killer weave entrances which I am happy to say Preston was successful on each and every one.  With Laura we worked on FC timing with the use of video analysis to observe our position, timing and footwork.  The video analysis was very cool as people could watch their timing in slow motion.  Laura also taught serps and threadles where I had a realization of why Preston struggles with his threadles. 

This was my first camp since last April so I was very happy to see that some time off to fix a bunch of dog training issues really paid off.  In Greg’s session I don’t think I heard him yell “RUN!” once which hopefully means I am running faster (are you happy Fanny?).  I cam away from camp with a list of things to work on but  for the first time the list is not overwhelmingly long. 

After camp we were off to Orlando for the dog-on-it USDAA trial where Chase got his Grand Prix qualifyer (2nd place) and Riot won the steeplechase finals.  Riot graciously donated her winnings to pay for Chases vet bills 🙂  It was a great trial and running on nice grass was such a bonus. 

I flew home ealry monday morning after the trial and gotinto Edmonton just in time to make my Monday night class.  I walked out of the airport at 5:15 pm and the sun was still up, it wasn’t -40 and it was good to be home!

I will upload some videos later this week but right now I have lots of catching up to do with classes, e-mails and unpacking.


3 Responses to “Florida 2009”

  1. Fanny said

    I’m very happy 🙂 And very envious. We got 30 cm of snow on Sunday and today it started to rain on it. Florida sounds a lot nicer… I can’t wait to hear what you learned in detail!

  2. Chantal said

    That sounds so exciting!!! Good for you!!!

  3. Laura said

    Hey!! This is the only way I can keep track of you! Im glad to see that you learned lots on your trip, and Ill see you soon!

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