Did I mention he’s Perfect?!?

July 23, 2009

I know, I know, everyone think their puppy is perfect, but he really is the most perfect puppy in the world! He stayed up until 2 am last night playing with me, he is just so entertaining its hard to put him to bed.

This morning we went down to the river valley for some socialization.  What was supposed to be a short trip turned into 2 hours.  We met lots of new people and even a few other dogs.  We played tug in the forest, in the parking lot, beside the path, while skateboards went by, in the presence of children, bikes, and lots of joggers.  How do those 2 minute sessions turn into 2 hour sessions…im not sure 🙂

One of our biggest adventures was when a toddler came running and yelling at us with a 6′ long tree branch, waving the branch and all its leaves with all his might.  Summit stopped tugging, looked at the branch then took off leaping into the air and grabbing hold of the branch and enjoying a game of tug with his new found friend…it was hysterical.

After the river valley we went to a friends house to groom dogs and we got to play with 11 dogs running around in the back yard for a good four hours before we fell fast asleep.  After that we went to agility class and got to visit our new friends Fly and Rush, also border collie pups.  He got to spend most of the night in my arms while I instructed or with one of the students.

After class we did some restrained recalls, it was only his second session with recalls but already he knows the game!  I really wanted my border collie to be one of those dogs that screams the whole way around the course, it just makes me laugh.  Bounder is my only dog that is vocal around the course and its really not the same since she has been de-barked.  Well…my perfect little puppy is a screamer!  He goes crazy as soon as I start to lead out or as he tries to catch me, he even screams while tugging, too cute!  I will have to get some video of his restrained recalls up soon, but for now we are off to work on “sit” and some hand targeting.


2 Responses to “Did I mention he’s Perfect?!?”

  1. Lene Kristin said

    Hello Justine! You’re new BC pup just seems too good to be true 😉 Would have been nice to meet him when you visit Sweden in August, even though I doubt you’ll be bringing him along? I am sort of planning a BC pup myself, and its nice to read about one perfect one 😀

    I really don’t understand why you want a screamer? I would have gone nuts 😛

    Looking forward to you’re seminar in August!

    Regards Lene Kristin and the mental case Susi

  2. Dulcie said

    Sounds like you’re in love! Now you know what we “BC” people were talking about 🙂

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