No Need for Cable

July 24, 2009

Well the good news is that Summit is great about sleeping through the night, ironically that is about the only time he does sleep! He is good about hanging out in the crate (as long as I am close by) but he always keeps at least one eye open 🙂

So here was today’s itinerary:

-morning walk around the lake at the off leash park, lots of kids, dogs and playing with friend “Rush”.   Fell in the lake a couple times and met a couple big scary dogs.

-long drive to the doggie chiropractor

-recalls at the training field

-2 hours at Home Depot and Rona with buddy “Rush” where we hung out by the power tools center and played in the bumpy shopping cart

-Back to the training field to hang out

-Off to Pet Smart where we did recalls up and down just about every aisle

-Down to the river valley for a long walk with buddy “Will”

– hung out in a crate while I worked on the computer

-discovered the best kept secret in the puppy world – the squeaky ball!!!

I realize this cant be good for our retrieve training but it was just too entertaining 🙂  I know its long but you have to watch the whole thing!


One Response to “No Need for Cable”

  1. chantal said

    Much better then cable…. I laughed until Jasper, my adult BC, almost toppled the computer monitor off the desk trying to go round up the unruly puppy…. he he he


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