Canadian Nationals 2009

August 7, 2009

Well we are back home from the 2009 AAC nationals and finally have a free moment to post.

Our trip to Ottawa started off with a bang when we were held up at the Edmonton airport and almost missed our plane.  We had  13 dogs on the flight which is a few more than usually allowed so the security check and check in took longer than planned.  We got to the gates just as they were taking off our luggage but thankfully allowed us to board the plane.

This was Preston’s first nationals and his highlight was definitely winning Jumpers round 1 in the 16″ regular class.  He has plenty of very good moments but unfortunately forgot how to hit a weave pole entrance.  I’m not sure what the problem was as he normally has extremely good entrances.  In every single run including the warmup games he missed his entrance so our results in the standard and steeplechase class suffered.

Riot ran three clean rounds and won the standard class on Sunday.  Unfortunately it was the first year she didn’t make the steeplechase finals since she pulled out of the weaves when I said “yes!” (more proofing to be done).  Overall she came in 10th which is the highest placement thus far.

Bounder was the super star yet again as she had her best nationals ever.  She ran 6 clean rounds with lots of speed and many mini gambles.  I was pretty sure she had won the thing but its not over till its over…  Unfortunately I forgot to check my scribe sheet in the last gamblers run where the scribe forgot to give me that almighty tick in the gamble box.  She would have gotten a final score of around 620 points but ended up coming second behind a very cool little papillon.  From now on I will remember to check my scribe sheets 😦   Bounder also missed out on the steeplechase finals for the first time, unfortunately she fell off the top of the a-frame in round 2 and I carried her off course just in case she was injured.

Summit got to come along for the ride and definitely went above and beyond his quota of 50 new men, women and children for the week.  He got to experience hotel life and even got to go see Parliament.

Minus the banquet and results presentation, this years nationals was very well organized, the site was beautiful and the competition was the best yet.   Next years nationals will be closer to home just a three hour drive to Calgary, AB.


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