Summit’s First Jump Grids

August 13, 2009

We had Susan Salo here on the weekend for a repeater jumping seminar for all the people that came out for her foundation clinic in November.  I got to work Preston, Riot, Bounder and even Summit!  The seminar was great and everyone walked away with things to improve upon.  Susan has a great style of teaching and always has something positive to go along with the constructive criticism.  Preston still needs a lot more work on his bends but I was really impressed with Riot and Bounder’s progress.

We had a puppy session on the second day where Susan did some demonstrations with the younger pups then talked about the progressions from 8 weeks to trialing which was very helpful.









One Response to “Summit’s First Jump Grids”

  1. My parents told me that they are going to buy me a dog soon, im so excited! >.<

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