6 months

December 1, 2009

Not sure where the time has gone but Summit is not over 6 months old!  We have been very busy doing lots of training, here is a quick update:

Socializing:  Although Summit has shown no fears of new people, dogs or places we continue to try and go to new places a couple times a week.  Whether it is a new park, new arena, pet store or parking lot we try to set 20 minutes aside and work lots of tugging mixed in with some loose leash walking and the odd recall if someone offers to hold.  Summit has been doing lots of flying lately and since this will be a big part of his life I have made an effort to go to the airport early each time and play tug games, socialize and build value for his kennel in that environment.  So far he doesn’t mind air travel one bit.  Summit has had lots of opertunity to socialize with all sorts of dogs and puppies after class and at most seminars I have been at, he is great with the shelties now as long as there is room to run.

Agility Training:  Although Summit and I are addicted to training our training plans have not changed much since I brought him home at 9 weeks.  We are still working on tugging like a mad man everywhere we go with any distraction possible.  PLaying lots of motivational games, recalls, bringing out as much craziness as possible.  Every session we have he blasts out of the kennel and gives %110 speed, attitude, desire, you name it, he is so much fun to train.  We are mostly still working on start line and control positions.  Sit, stand and down with that crazy look in his eye.  We have upped the distraction level to environmental distractions like te sheltie chasing a toy, ringside of an agility trial, children running and screaming, dogs tugging around him.  We have not put the start line in front of an obsticle yet but it’s just about there.  The other thing we have been working on is our flat work, he is a true herding dog and very since he learned to outrun me our flat work has been a major focus in our training.  He is very good now and we have started proofing understanding by decelling and front crossing off toys.  That is about all we have been focussing on for agility training, just perfecting the essentials before moving onto anything else.

Pet Training:  A big portion of our training time is spent working on things like walking on a leash, being quite in the kennel, sharing toys and food with the other four dogs in the house, recalls, control positions at a distance, basically anything to make living with 5 dogs as easy as possible.  Most nights Chase and Bounder get to help me train Summit to be quiet in the kennel, I work and play with the shelties and reward Summit with his kibble for not loosing his mind.  This is a great oppertunity to work start lines after Summit’s eyes have been popping out and he is vibrating with excitement.  Summit’s recall is good enough to run with other dogs and he is good about sitting and downing if I give the cue when he is out playing which is a very helpful skill to have.  Our loose leash walking was going well until we went to california and forgot our gentle leader so we are back to basics for a bit then re-fading the head halter is at the top of our list.

So there you have it, nothing too fancy or exciting just focussing on making tugging with me the most reinforcing thing in his environment, start lines, flat work and everyday pet skills.

At 6 months Summit was 20″ and 34 lbs.



One Response to “6 months”

  1. Chantal said

    There you go, at 6 months and 20″, looks like you will have a 26″ dog LOL Jasper and I are keeping a close eye on Summit’s career….

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