….I’m Back!! Summit’s First Trial

April 4, 2011

Yes, I am actually going to attempt riting on this thing again, with spring finally here I am finding my motivation 🙂

So this weekend was Summit’s first real trial!!  I can’t say it was my best weekend, but Summit put up with me anyway.  With strep throat, fever and not much of a voice we drove down to Olds for the weekend, adamant about attending my baby dogs first trial.  The weekend was filled with interesting experiences including sluming it at some ghetto motel with only a space heater, a crazy april snow storm on saturday, losing my purse which contained my camera and all my credit cards, not to mention my poor attempt as a competitor, popping antibiotics, advil, cold meds and halls between runs…haha, you know you love agility when…

I was very pleased with Summit, he had perfect startlines with no foot movement, great weave poles, followed my handling cues well, impressed me with his obstacle performance and made me laugh just about every run.  He is still the perfect puppy I brought home a year and a half ago and he can do no wrong.  He isjust such a joy to work with and I am super stoked about getting to play with the big dogs! So we have a busy summer of training ahead of us, gotta work on keepin his feet up, a bit more on contacts (running and stop!) and getting him a faster handler 🙂



3 Responses to “….I’m Back!! Summit’s First Trial”

  1. Lee Carr said

    I’ve missed your blog entries Justine! And I think I had the same experience with that same motel the first year the Olds trial was held. We both lived to talk about it 🙂
    Summit was looking awesome at his first trial.

  2. Debbie Dilatush said

    Was watching your Runs with Summit!!!! Wahoooo and hand on-that was fast!!! Awesome dog & handler!

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